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Therapeutic Massage

All types of massage therapy are therapeutic and massage is considered a healthcare treatment. Massage therapists are licensed healthcare providers. Massage is a time-proven and medically sound way to relieve chronic pain and tension in muscles, reduce stress, relax your body, increase muscle tone, release muscle toxins, increase joint flexibility and increase blood flow. It's a way to help your muscles and mind work in harmony.

Today, Swedish/relaxation massage is what most people identify massage therapy as being. All massage therapists are educated in Swedish massage in order to become licensed in the state of Florida. It usually involves a full body treatment and is recommended to maintain one's health. Neuromuscular, structural integration, trigger opint, shiatsu, myofascial release and crainosacral therapy are some of the many types of massage therapy that massage therapist can obtain advanced training and certification in.

What is it Like to Get A Massage?

Plan to arrive a few minutes early to give your individual needs. Then, in a peaceful setting, free from distractions, you'll lay quietly beneath a coverlet on the massage table while you experience this deep from of relaxation. Quiet, meditative music may be played to encourage your relaxation.

The massage therapist, after consulting with you, massages your limbs, back, shoulders, hands, abdomen (if requested), feet, face and scalp. Special attention will be paid to any areas of tightness or soreness you have pointed out, or which are discovered as the massage progresses. You may feel free to request that certain areas not be massaged. An oil or cream is usually used to facilitate the gliding action of the hands over the muscles while varous techniques are utilized.

How Does a Massage Session Begin?

After a brief health history is taken, the therapist leaves the room while you disrobe. Most people undress fully, but since comfort and relaxation are among the primary goals of massage, you may be as clothed or as clothes-free as you wish. If leaving any clothing on, be aware that the oil or cream used in the massage may accidentally come in contact with the fabric. Or if you wish, no oil will be used, but deep massage is difficult without a skin lubricant and the oil or cream is beneficial as a skin moisturizer (Note: be sure to advise your therapist if you are allergic to any oils or creams).

After you have positioned yourself under a coverlet, the therapist will uncover only that part of the body that is being massaged, and will not uncover the groin or breasts.

How do I Schedule A Massage?

We offer massages by appointment only. Please call (229) 436-1191 during regular office hours to arrange an appointment and for pricing, as we sometimes run specials. Massages are available in hourly increments up to 2 hours in length.

Call soon! A full body massage is a treat for the mind and the body that offers real and lasting benefits. Enjoy what Leesburg Chiropractic and The Massage Group can do for you.